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June 2018 Newsletter

Dear Students and Friends,


Summer has descended upon us with all its heat and beauty. As we wrap up our 11th year at ArtVenture, we would like to take this opportunity to extend a very warm "Thank You" to all of our past and present students, campers, birthday kids, and devoted community members. Your continued support and word-of-mouth recommendations have helped us create a rich art program that is fun and engaging for all involved. As this e-newsletter marks the last for the school year, we invite you to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for year-round news and fun-facts from around the art-world. Our next newsletter will be sent out in September as we set to begin our Fall Term classes.
Early Registration - The schedule for our upcoming Fall Term Art Classes is available online. Register by June 14th and you will receive $10.00 off your Fall Term fees (cannot be combined with other discounts). As always, current students who refer a new student to ArtVenture will receive a $20 gift certificate, which can be used towards future enrolment. Coupons and gift cards have an expiry date, cannot be redeemed for cash, and must be presented at the time of payment.

Group Art Show –  It is with great anticipation that we invite you to join us as we celebrate our students' artistic accomplishments on Sunday, June 17th, 2-5pm. B
ring your family and friends and observe the subtle growth and transformation in our students’ artwork from Kindergarten through to adults, at our End-of-Term Art Show

Summer Camps - Inspired by the works of famous artists and classic literature, our various summer camps include Visual Arts, 3D Sculpting, Animation, and Creative Writing. This is an opportunity for all involved to gain knowledge, practice, and inquisitive exploration as we focus on the elements of art, the beauty of illustration, and the process of creation. This year, we are offering Half-Day and Full-Day camp options. Space is limited and camps are filling up very fast. To secure a spot register online or call us at 519.471.4278
PA Day June 8 – We are happy once again to be part of London's "Kids 1st Day" celebration. Drop-by with your child (age 5+) to participate in one of the three FREE still-life drawing sessions that begin at 9am, 10am, and 11am on Friday, June 8th. For information about this and other activities in London visit Investing in Children. ArtVenture is part of the "North London Activities".
Wishing you and your family a warm and safe summer holiday!
The ArtVenture Team

The Art & History of Gargoyles


Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral


Gargoyles came into the Gothic architecture in the early 13th century and are defined as "a waterspout" projecting water from an upper part of a roof gutter to throw water clear of the walls or foundations. Architects often used multiple gargoyles on buildings to divide the flow of rainwater off the roof and minimize potential damage from rainstorms. The term Gargoyle originates from the French "gargouille" which means "throat" or "to gargle". Using wood, stone, terracotta, limestone, marble, and even metal - gargoyles were often carved, painted, and some were even gilded. While the purpose of Gargoyles was practical, these frightening, grotesque sculptures were also throught to scare evil spirits away from Churches, Cathedrals, and Gothic Castles. The symbolic idea of gargoyles as "guardians" spread widely among church goers at that time. It is believed that the medieval church wanted to convey a terrifying impression of hell and enforce that there was safety and sanctuary inside the church.

Sources: http://www.medieval-life-and-times.info/medieval-art/gargoyles.htm



Stephanie D. Leith A. Emily K. Mallory B.

Kids Corner


Gargoyles, like all mythological creatures, carry with them deep, dark, and beautiful stories. They intertwine the ‘ordinary’ with the ‘extraordinary’ to create well rounded and deeply moving legends. Follow this link to read one such version of The Story of Gargoyles.

Happy Birthday To You…

We wish our current and past June Birthday Students


Aislinn A, Asmaa A, Payton A, Avery B, Sara B, Mackenzie B, Genevieve B, Laurel B, Morgan B, Dominic B, Samantha B, Rieley C, Sydney C, Stefanos C, Brynne C, Johanna D, Shan E, Olivia F, Jordyn F, Kyra F, Katelynn F, Hayden F, Moriah G, Natalie G, Jalen H, Theresa H, Hannah H, Hania H, Ashley H, Audrey H, Alena I, Kathryn I, JunWon K, Alexandra K, Brian K, Kalina K, Emily K, Anastasia L, Alena M, Emma M, Ella M, Kalina M, Mark M, Annabel M, Noa M, Kate M, Kassidy M, Elliot M, Lorenza M, Lynn N, Cullen O, Liza O, Vivian P, Zach P, Bridget P, Ella M, Keira M, Kathleen M, Annabel M, Evelyn R, Jackelyn R, Joey R, Jacqueline R, Netta S, Matthew S, Cindy S, Kaitlyn S, Katelyn S, Chloe T, Jordyn T, Mia T, Keria W.G, Stephen W, Emily W, Emma W, Andrew W, Sophia W, Andrew W, Eric W, Sarah W, Tianna Y, Vivian Y (and anyone else we may have missed) a very happy month !!


Quote of the Month


“I call architecture, frozen music”


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