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March 2018 Newsletter

Dear Students and Friends,


One of the fun perks of working with art students is the level of dedication they show as they work through the process of creating new art pieces. It is truly an exercise of beauty and an atmosphere worth experiencing. We would like to send our humble gratitude to all our students – past and present – as we were voted Best Art School in London for Best of London 2018. It is with your help, support, and passion that we look forward to another year full of Creative Expression and Inspirational Learning.

As always, we conclude each session with a special End-of-Term Group Art Show, and would love to see you join us with your family and friends as we celebrate the high quality artwork accomplished by all our students this term. Our End-of-Term Art Show is scheduled on Sunday, March 25th from 2-5pm

As Winter Term classes are quickly wrapping up, we are in the midst of preparing for our March Break Art Camps (March 12-16,
9:00am-12:00pm), Spring Term Art Classes (April 9 - June 23), and for those already dreaming about summer, our Summer Art Camps are coming up as well. Schedules for our Visual Arts, Sculpting, Creative Writing and Animation camps are available online. If you have not yet reserved your spot, you can do so by following the links or calling us at 519.471.4278. Space is limited and both camps and classes are filling up fast.

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Wishing us all a warm and festive spring season to come!

The ArtVenture Team

Observational Drawing - a study of nature


Grade 9-10 students Rachel M., Lynn X., Emily K. and Angel P. (below)

Media - water soluble graphite on water colour paper


While modern art is drawn to the beautiful French countryside of Monet, Pissarro, and Cezanne, the tradition of landscape drawing and painting was born from centuries of evolved styles, beginning with the tinted walls of the ancient Greeks. By the 17th century the landscape was perfected, displaying an idealized, classical harmony where nature was balanced and serene. Landscapes were still not the highest form of painting recognized by the royal academies, but they remained popular, steadily growing in importance. Finally, late in the 18th century the Academy recognized landscapes as historic and important, and by the late 19th century some of the world's most beloved landscapes were being painting by artists like Van Gogh and Monet. Practicing the technique of sketching outdoors, involves training the eye to first see forms/shapes in the absence of colour and texture. As artists sit outdoors and enjoy the scenery, they can begin by lightly blocking their scene on paper. This light outline is their starting point from which they can work and build upon by adding details. Artists often use a range of pencils with different grades of hardness/softness  Finding the light source is the next step to effective and realistic shading. Once the light source is defined and the darkest areas (the shadows) are identified, the range can be worked on gradually. Having a range of tones from very light to very dark - with midtones in between - will give the drawing depth and life.
Sources: http://www.parkwestgallery.com/a-brief-history-of-landscape-painting-holland-berkley-and-igor-medvedev/14848

Kids Corner
Way before artists ventured outdoors to draw directly from nature they would bring nature into their homes and set it up in the form of “still life”. They would often use fruits and vegetables arranged in a basket, placing a bouquet of flowers by the basket and maybe some candle-sticks, and other kitchen items. Once they built an arrangement that looked appealing, they would begin to sketch and paint their composition. Still Life drawing is one of the best ways to train your eye to see objects like an artist – with awareness of outlines & shapes, proportions & perspective, tone & shading, textures & composition. By following these eight steps, you too can begin your journey through the world of still-life.


Happy Birthday To You…

We wish our current and past March Birthday Students


Richard A, Izabella A, Jude A, Jessica A, Mara A, Katie B, Brooke B, Lauren B, Sarah B, Izabela B, Jackson B, Grace C, Ruby C, Paige C, Jordan C, Julia D, Megan D, Ethan D, Christina D, Judy F, Leah G, Kiera G, Carolina G, Roy G, Catherine H, Shakira H, Madison H, Brittney H, Audrey H, Pierce H, Paighton J, Rachel J, Isabella J, Stephanie K, Olivia K, Isabel K, Charlotte K, Lucy L, Sarah L, Kyle L, Trissy L, Alice L, Alanna L, Yiran L, Sophie L, Kaley L, Coco M, Chelsea M, Joshua M, Jade M, Maja M, Kieran N, Emmanualla O, Noor O, Olivia P, Claire P, Cole P, Carolyn P, Danielle P, Jazz-Lyn P, Julia P, Ella Q, Alina S, Maya S, Abbey S, Olivia S, David S, Erin S, Abby S, Victoria S, William S, Iris T, Ethan T, Lauren T, Faith T, Taylor V, Emily V, Maggie W, Avah W, Lindsey W, Gabrielle W, Kathrina W, Kelly X, Derri Y, Alina Z, Johnny Z, Zoe Z, Fayer Z   (and anyone else we may have forgotten)

                                                       a very happy month !!!

Quote of the Month


Drawing is still basically the same as it has been since prehistoric times. It brings together man and the world. It lives through magic.”
Keith Haring


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