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May 2019 Newsletter

Dear Students and Friends,


While April had more than just showers in store for us, we are certain that May will indeed bring with it bright colours and lively flowers! We are so very grateful for all new and returning students whose love for the arts breathe life into all that is created in our amidst. With seven weeks remaining in our Spring Term, those who still wish to give art classes a try - please know that you can still join our Spring Term Art Classes (where space is available) at a pro-rated fee. Call 519.471.4278 for more details.
A Glance in Advance –

*We are gearing up towards our End-of-Term Art Show scheduled for Sunday, June 16th2-5pm. With works ranging from spring flowers, to Art Nouveau monograms, Degas’ graceful dancers, Monet’s water lilies, along with a vast array of silk paintings, clay sculptures, plaster masks, and much, much more. We hope you are able to save the date and join us as we celebrate our students’ accomplishments this term.

*SUMMER CAMPS are filling up fast! This year we are offering a variety of Half-Day & Full-Day programs, including Visual Arts, Creative Writing, 3D Sculpting, and Storyboarding as camp options. With only six weeks to choose from, we are bound to have a high turnout and an incredible level of artistry flowing through the studio. To reserve a spot in one of our Summer Camps visit us online.

*Early Registration for our upcoming Fall Term Art Classes will begin soon. Sign up before June 15th and save $10 off your Fall Term fees. Since registration is open to all (new, returning, and current students), we are unable to save spots without a deposit payment. For information or registration call us or check our website.
Referral Credit: As a way to thank our current students for the incredible word-of-mouth support, we offer a referral credit to those who refer friends to us.
As always, we use social media to update you on all the latest fun-facts and news within the world of art. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for year-round inspiration.
Artistically Yours,
The ArtVenture Team

The works of Alex Janvier


Alex Janvier and two of his works - "Lubicon" (left) and "Morning Star" (centre)


Alex Janvier is one of Canada’s most acclaimed contemporary artists. His unique and authentic style is a combination of Indigenous and modern art the likes of which is not seen anywhere else in the world. Universal in appeal, his paintings reference Indigenous culture and history, as well as his own outlook on life. As a member of the commonly referred to "Indian Group of Seven", Janvier is a pioneer of contemporary Canadian Aboriginal art in Canada. Using a rich visual language marked by colors, symbols and calligraphic lines, Janvier evokes various elements of the Land such as landscapes, natural events, animals and so forth, in a way that conveys immediate emotions. His unique creative style has been inspired by cultural and spiritual elements from his Dene heritage and the forces of nature that surround us. Also influencing his abstract techniques were European modernists, such as Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee and Joan Miro. For over 50 years, Janvier has devoted himself to the development of Indigenous art as an artist, activist, educator and government consultant. Celebrated and honoured on many occasions, in 2002, Janvier received a National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award and he was made a Member of the Order of Canada in 2007. Currently, Janvier with his family run the Janvier Gallery in Cold Lake, Alberta.
Like Janvier, our adult students created a composition representing a circle of life. From personal stories of representational imagery to pure abstraction, using symbols and dancing lines, students were inspired by the way in which Indigenous culture used visual language to convey emotions. They created their composition on canvas using acrylic paint as their media. 

Sources:  https://www.affta.ab.ca/news/alberta-art-shines-national-gallery-canada  


Eric H.

Catriona A.

Pam H.

Susanne F.

Adult students' works inspired by the works and style of Alex Janvier


Kids Corner


Janvier’s art was effective in conveying Indigenous content within a circular composition. This style of art is often referred to as Mandala Art, which derives its name from the Sanskrit word for circle. Mandalas are considered sacred in Tibetan Buddhism and are used in religious rituals. During meditation, the artist is thought to mentally enter the center of the Mandala where they are guided through the universe to discover new knowledge. Designing your own Mandala can be relaxing and energizing all at once. We hope you enjoy this interactive Mandala Making Website, as you delve into the journey of artistic meditation.


Happy Birthday To You…

We wish our current and past May Birthday Students  


Sophie A, Katia A, Abigail A, Hamza A-S, Shalev A, Leo B, Evelyn B, Laurel B, Evey B, Madeline C, Owen C, Ewan D, Stephanie D, Annica D, Hannah D, Ben F, Clarie G, Adalyn G, Karine G, Isabella G, Lila H, Sissy H, Jennah H, Jiani H, Emily H, Alannah H, Jordan H, Georgia J, Amalia K, Dana K, Scarlet L, Yvonne L, Tori L, Cecelia L, Tam L, Celine M, Lorenza M, Maddy M, Lauren M, Laura-Lee M, Olivia M,  Claire P, Emma R, Natalie R, Verity R, Margarita R, Mackenzie R, Scarlett S, Brianne S, Ella T, Joshua T, Sydney T, Ahrielle T, Alaira U, Samantha V-G, Ethan W, Faye W, Maggie W, Raina W, Sophia X, Emily Z, Amy Z. (and others we may have forgotten) a very happy month !!



Quote of the Month


“Art truly is a universal language that can communicate any idea, any feeling, of anyone, regardless of their social standing, their religious beliefs or the language they speak.
                                                                                            Alex Janvier


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