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November 2019 Newsletter

Dear Students and Friends,


With an upward momentum and a whole lot of creativity, we have reached the middle of our fall term. This past month our students continued to explore observational drawing and painting using the works of The Group of Seven, Keith Haring, and Salvador Dali – paying close attention to brush-stroke techniques along with the emotive quality of colour and free imagination. Our studio walls have been showcasing our students’ completed projects on rotation, as we begin our countdown towards our end-of-term Art Show. The Group Art Show is scheduled for Sunday, December 8th (2-5pm). Please save the date and join us along with your family and friends for our all-inclusive celebration of art.

As we come closer to the end of Fall Term, we invite you to save your spot in our upcoming Winter Term (January 6th through 
March 28th, 2020). For your convenience, online registration is already open. We can also process payment over the phone or in person during studio hours. As always, the best promoters are our own students, and as a token of thanks, we offer current students a $20 credit for future classes when a new student gives us your name as a referral at the time of registration.
For those wishing to stay in touch and up-to-date with local, national, and international news from the Art World, we invite you to follow us on Facebook and while there, check out our art show photo albums, where beautiful and inspirational works of art are displayed after each one of our end-of-term art show.

Hope you enjoy the beautiful falling leaves!
Artistically Yours,
The ArtVenture Team

Observational Drawing


Amelia S. - Gr 8 Olivia B. - Gr 8 Claire P. - Gr 6 George C. - Gr 8


Observational art is easily defined as drawing or painting from life. Examples would include sketching a bowl of fruit (still life), drawing a model (figurative), or drawing a street scene (landscape). The image is not taken from either a photograph or the artist’s imagination, but from real life observation. Traditionally the subject matter is sketched as accurately as possible and typically most observational work is done with graphite, charcoal, or other drawing mediums. This category of artwork is by far the most important skill an artist develops over the years and is a vital part of a portfolio. Observational drawing demonstrates how an artist interprets the world, how compositional choices are made, how accurately form is depicted, and how light and shadow work in unison to create an illusion of a three dimensional structure. While attending school artists are constantly asked to draw upon these skills to create artwork that further builds on this skill set. When drawing from observation, artists are encouraged to look at their subject more than the paper on which they are drawing. Paying close attention to the lines, angles, form, size and length ensures that proportion and perspective are the driving force behind each item that is drawn. While other art forms such as paintings, photography, illustration, and 3 dimensional works are important aspects of an artist’s learning curve, nearly every post secondary art program will ask prospective students to include a wide range of observational drawings as part of their portfolio submission.

Our students in grades 6 through 8 began their fall term with an observational drawing exercise, attending to perspective and proportion within their sun flowers and vase sketch. Adding value shading to their flowers, petals, and stems and attending to the illusion of glass vase, they completed these drawings with a whole lot of precision and patience.

Sources: https://artschoolguide.wordpress.com/drawing-from-observation/


Angelina L. - Gr 8 Riley S. - Gr 7 Trissy L. - Gr 7 Victoria B. - Gr 8


Kids Corner


Still life is the best subject in art for learning and teaching the skills of drawing and painting. It teaches you how to look at objects and see them like an artist - with a perceptive awareness of their outline, shape, proportions, tone, colour, texture, form and composition. If you are interested in practicing your observational drawing skills, follow this link to the Art Factory and enjoy a thorough website that covers still life drawings as well as many other lessons and art appreciation links!


Happy Birthday To You…


We wish our current and past November Birthday Students


Kristina A, Maelyn B, Rose B, Leo B, Victoria B, Megan B, Maelyn B, Elisabeth B, Alisa C, Sua C, Ella C, Hannah C, Penelope C, Emma C, Lia D, Ashirya D, Shayna D, Erin F, Divya G, Morgan G, Georgia H, Ava H, Sophie J, Mia J, Abby J, Alex K, Harry K, Ellena K, Anna L, Stella L, Dylan L, Hannah L, Zoe L, Michelle L, Ehan M.F, Connor M, Bradley M, Ashley M, Lucy N, William P, Jack P, Arabella Q, Lily R, Madeline R, Violet S, Jasmine S, Stella S, Nolan S, Amelia S, Marley T, Yuhang T, Jenna T, Samantha V, Marry W, Grace W, Catherine W, Ray W , Isabella W, Ffion W, Selena X, Lambert X, Jesse X, Andy X, Ryan X, Behdad Z, Jayden Z, William Z, Hank Z, Peter Z (and anyone we may have missed) a very happy month !! 

Quote of the Month


 “I sometimes think there is nothing so delightful as drawing.”
                                                            Vincent Van Gogh


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