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September 2019 Newsletter

Dear Students and Friends,


With six weeks of summer programming, we have just completed a spectacular and vibrant summer at the studio! Having offered weekly Visual Art Camps along with several 3D Sculpting, 2D Animation, and Creative Writing Workshops, we watched artists of all ages accomplish wonderful works of art and walk away with a wealth of new knowledge and ample inspiration for future projects! We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our campers, their parents, and our amazing team of instructors and volunteers for yet another magnificent experience of exploration and inspiration! Your hard work, positivity, and dedication to the arts have created a fun and productive atmosphere at ArtVenture this summer, and for that we are grateful. We invite you to browse through our photo gallery to see some of the highlights from the summer. 

As we get ready to start the school year we wish to welcome new and returning students to another promising term at ArtVenture. Please note that our Fall Term will run September 9th through December 14th. Since some of our classes are already full, we have started a wait-list for potential new time slots and last minute changes. If a class scheduled at your preferred time is already full, please place a deposit and email us with a request to be placed on a wait-list (deposits will be fully refunded if space does not become available, or they can be used to hold a spot in our upcoming Winter Term).

And while you're on our site, we invite you to get to know our Teaching Staff for the 2019-2020 school year. We welcome Meg and Rachel who are joining the artistic team in September.


Stay connected with us via Twitter and Facebook for year-round local, national, and international news within the art world. We look forward to seeing you in the new term.

Artistically Yours,
The ArtVenture Team

 Spectacular Summer at ArtVenture



Sparks of inspiration happen when we empower art students to delve into creating their own compositions. By using the language of the Elements & Principles of Art and Design, we tap into our students’ ability to critically think of their art as they compose work with thought and purpose. Throughout this past summer we celebrated the great achievements of notable 20th Century artists and fell in love with the artwork they left behind as their legacies. Using the works of Cezanne, Escher, Klimt, Leger, and Calder, we discussed the ways in which these great artists used Colour, Lines, Shapes, Texture and Volume in their work to further enhance their masterpieces. As each camper attended to these elements of art within their own artwork, they learned about the emotive nature of art and the importance of artistic choices within each composition. Together, we expanded on, experimented with and explored a wide range of techniques ranging from paintings, to drawing, sculpting, animating, story writing, and story illustration. Whether our campers were just beginning Kindergarten or in the throws of their high school career, they were challenged as artists and as critical thinkers. By embracing new knowledge of art history, colour theory, art medium, styles and technique, we were able to see personal growth in each and every student this summer, and the visual results were indeed stunning!



Kids Corner


Our 2D Animation Workshop explores the art of movement through frame-by-frame drawings. Campers create a character, give it a reason to move, add a backdrop to further enhance their scene and watch their character interact with its background. With a brief introduction to the principles of animation campers are able to include anticipation, exaggeration and a secondary action to their scene as we work towards our big finale on Friday – where we sit back and enjoy watching their animation take flight and come to life. We invite you to sit back and watch Ryan Woodward’s animated video, locate the anticipation, exaggeration, and secondary action and try to imagine how many frames it took to complete this piece of art! And just in case you might be interested in seeing the making of “The Though of You” and finding out the precise number of frames Mr. Woodward included in this video, watch “the making of The Thought of You” and prepare to gasp…


Happy Birthday To You…


We wish our current and past July, August, and September Birthday Students


Max A, Madelyn A, Ava A, Samantha B, Evangelos B, Ann B, Bianca B, Nina B, Aiden B, Victoria B, George C, Sierra C, Grace C, Rachel C, Henry C, Hannah C, Sophie C, Evan C, Henry C, Samantha D, Kate D, Nina D, Isis DC, Maya ER, Ethan E, Angela G, Kaylin G, Kaitie G, Jack G, Libby G, Parker G, Blake H, Jade H, Nora H, Katherine H, Shannon H, Marina H, Jade H, Elvin J,  Lukas J, Simone K, Zion K, Sophie K, Angelina L, Michelle L, Elizabeth L, Sophie L, Anya L, Kate L, Nicole L, Elwin L, Andre M, Hana M, Sofia M, Esmee M, Rachel M, Chloe M, Jett M, Julia N, Julie N, Kristina O, Sophia O, Lily P, Jonas P, Lachlan P, Patricia P, Fiona P, Molly Q, Raistlin R, Jacob R, Eliya R, Dylan S, Lily S, Emily S, Olivia S, Neve S, Keira S, Charlotte S, Emmerson T, Carissa V, Haiteng W, Derek W, Amy W, Mario W, Ely W, YangDi X, Alex Y, Catherine Y, Grace Z, Evan Z, Yara Z, Nita Z, Yifei Z, Fiona Z, Yiming Z, Sophia Z (and anyone we may have missed…)
                                                                                                        a very happy month !!

Quote of the Month


“…one of my real purposes as a teacher is not necessarily to teach the process of art but the principles behind it…”
                                                                     Ryan Woodward


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