Press release - May 8, 2012

ArtVenture launches Creative Writing Camp

to revive the lost art of expressive writing   
 July 9 – 13 / July 16 - 20



 (London, ON, May 8, 2012) – London children are invited to unleash their inner-writer at the new ArtVenture Creative Writing Camp. The two, one-week camps are geared towards children entering Grades 4 to 8 and will be led by Ontario Certified Teacher Ayala Reshef and published writer Natalie Sliskovic.

 Budding writers will learn the essentials of great storytelling, including how to create compelling characters, explore dynamic settings, and structure great narratives. Using examples from classic and current children’s literature, campers will also explore the art of illustration and learn how images and design can make words come alive on the page. 

 “Kids are constantly creating stories in their heads, but in today’s technological world they don’t often sit down and express their ideas on paper,” comments Reshef, whose passion for the written word has guided many of her students through the stages of the writing process.   

 “With computers being introduced into the classroom as early as Grade One, we are losing the art of handwriting,” she adds. “This camp gives kids the opportunity to challenge themselves through guided daily writing, drama improvisation, and creative illustration, and create a beautiful document to treasure.”  

 By the end of the week each camper will have discovered and refined their own voice, having written and illustrated their own coil-bound book to take home – and will have the opportunity to order additional copies for family and friends.

 The half-day Writing Camp can be combined with a Visual Arts camp for a full day of fun and creativity. Registration is limited

What: ArtVenture Creative Writing Camp
Where: ArtVenture  1438 Aldersbrook Road
When: July 9 – 13 (1pm – 4pm) / July 16 – 20 (9am – 12pm)
Cost: $185 / week, with a 10% discount for multiple campers or sessions

Contact: Ayala Reshef – Manager & Instructor

About ArtVenture

Founded in 2007, ArtVenture offers Art Classes for all ages (preschool to adults), Workshops, Birthday Parties, and Spring & Summer Camps.  
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                                                                                             September 19, 2008

Artistic Venture for Marketing Students


On Wednesday, September 10, 2008, artists and entrepreneurs Ayala and Erica Reshef visited Fanshawe College to give Marketing 1027 students firsthand insight into their fascinating new business venture.

ArtVenture is a multimedia art school in northwest London that opened in August 2007. Offering art classes for all ages, camps and birthday parties in a custom-designed studio and gallery, ArtVenture exposes children and adults to a wide range of art education and art exploration. Courses at ArtVenture are led by Erica Reshef, an artist and a certified visual arts teac
her with a wide range of classroom experience, and her daughter, Ayala Reshef, a certified primary, junior, and intermediate classroom teacher. The school also offers an on-site gallery, showcasing works by local artists on a rotating basis, and a sitting-area stocked with art books for on-location use.

Fanshawe Marketing students heard Ayala and Erica describe the opportunities and challenges for their business in an engaging presentation supported by a series of photographs and images. Students were then divided into two groups for a unique, interactive team-building exercise. One group was directed to colour strips of paper in a specific manner, while the other was given little direction while being encouraged towards team-cooperation.

In the end, both groups discovered 'Harmony'. It was not obvious at the start, but the letters to spell the word harmony were encrypted within the stylized series of lines and swirls. While students worked on distinguishing the background from the foreground, they learned the effect of group cohesion versus an individualistic project management.

It was an effective and memorable way of demonstrating the creativity of the ArtVenture team to conduct a short, fun exercise with a specific learning outcome. Students now have a much better sense of the core competencies of these entrepreneurs and are excited to develop marketing plans to build awareness of this local business.

Marketing 1027 was redesigned as one of many curriculum development projects this summer. Professor Sherry McEvoy designed the new schedule to feature a variety of interactive exercises and a focus on developing the skills to prepare a marketing plan.

The course instructor for this semester is Professor Murray Morgan who is also Coordinator of the International Business Management Program. To add further interest and relevance, Morgan has the class using their skills to market themselves to seek employment. Students are working in small groups and will use the theory behind marketing plan development by applying it to an existing local business, in this case ArtVenture Art Studio. The class includes students from numerous towns and cities across Ontario as well as several international students and one student on exchange from HZ University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Zeeland) in the Netherlands.

To thank the ArtVenture team for their time and engaging presentation, two students presented Ayala and Erica with engraved pens from the Fanshawe College Faculty of Business.

Faculty, staff and students who may be interested in a fulfilling art experience can visit for information on art classes, birthday parties, spring and summer art camps, PD-day workshops, and on-site custom framing.


Reproduced from Fanshawe News, September 19th 2008.


Artwork replaces graffiti

Joe Belanger - Sun Media

The London Free Press - November 5, 2007

FACELIFT: A three-generation trio spearheaded a youth initiative to give a graffiti-laden wall at a strip mall on Aldersbrook Road a facelift. The Reshef family, from left , Ayala, her daughter Eden, 3, and her mom Erica celebrate the completion of a mural that replaces a wall of graffiti. The Reshefs, who run an art studio in the same plaza enlisted the help of 13 teenagers to help paint the mural. (SUSAN BRADNAM/Sun Media)


Erica and Ayala Reshef know the difference between graffiti and art.


And over the last week the northwest London art studio owners helped more than a dozen high school and university students demonstrate the difference.

A graffiti-covered wall on a strip mall on Aldersbrook Road was transformed from an eyesore to artwork, titled Youthful Nature.
"We decided to show young people how you can be creative and not destructive," Erica said.
"Before, there was nothing beautiful about that wall, just a lot of tagging."

Erica and Ayala own ArtVenture Art Studio located at the strip mall.
The weeklong project was planned and designed by students at Nancy Campbell Collegiate Institute, while ArtVenture students helped in the painting. Color Your World donated the paints.
It took more than 20 hours to transform the brick wall into a flowing wall of trees in autumn colours. The mural can be seen on the south side of the mall.

Police have encouraged merchants and homeowners to remove graffiti as soon as it appears, because left unchallenged, more taggers will come and the neighbourhood will soon be seen as depressed, creating the prospect for more crime and tagging.
Some people associate graffiti with pictures. But taggers paint or write letters to create an assumed name or identity called a tag, doing it with a unique signature.
London police have stepped up efforts to crack down on graffiti, laying several charges this year.
Meanwhile, city council last year passed a bylaw banning the sale of heavy-duty pens and paints to minors.
Merchants in the city's core have spent thousands of dollars to hire contractors to remove graffiti within 24 hours of it appearing.


Joe Belanger is a Free Press crime reporter.


Starting Up

Free Press Staff - Sun Media

The London Free Press - September 10, 2007

NATURAL PROGRESSION: Ayala and Erica Reshef stand in their new multi-media art school called ArtVenture, which offers classes for both children and adults.





Today is red-letter day for ArtVenture, a new multimedia art school in northwest London.

The school, which opened its doors in the strip mall at 1438 Aldersbrook Rd. August 30, begins its first classes today and is accepting registrations for fall, winter and spring sessions.

Courses at ArtVenture are led by Erica Reshef, a certified visual arts teacher and artist, and her daughter, Ayala Reshef, a certified teacher with more than a decade of primary, junior, and intermediate teaching experience.

"Having taught in both the public and private sectors, it became increasingly evident that an extra-curricular art program was a desire largely unmet by Londoners," said Erica Reshef. "So it seemed a natural progression for us to build our own studio and offer art classes for the London community."

ArtVenture offers classes to all ages (parents a tots, school-aged children, teens, working adults and retirees) along with an Open Studio option for those wishing to work at their own leisure.

The school also offers an on-site gallery, showing works by local artists on a rotating basis, and a sitting-area stocked with art books.





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